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Introduction to the topic of Courts and court procedure.

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Can you force a blood test to establish paternity?

Attending a Child Welfare Hearing

Can one parent stop a child being vaccinated?

My case is due in court soon: will it be heard?

How can children give their views on contact issues?

What should I do to prepare for a proof hearing?

Does a divorce have to include consideration of contact arrangements?

Is it contempt if court ordered contact doesn’t take place?

How can you request infomation about someone who is now involved with your child’s life?

Can I appeal against a court decision?

Can a 12 year old decide what happens about contact?

What do I call the sheriff in court?

What can I do to get more time to see my children at Christmas?

What should I wear at the court hearing?

Is a writ the first letter?

My lawyer has suggested that it will improve my chances of getting more contact if I do parenting classes – who runs them?