What is Shared Parenting?

There is a range of definitions of ‘shared parenting’ (find out more in our FAQs). For us, shared parenting is where parents who live apart share the care and responsibilities for their children as equally as possible. Shared parenting takes a flexible, child-centred approach where the child’s welfare and wellbeing are central to parenting.

There is increasing evidence that in many cases it can provide a healthy and supportive environment to bring up children after separation. Of course, shared parenting may not work for every family and at present can be hard to arrange.

In Scotland we believe that policy and legislative support for shared parenting will come although as yet there is no consensus. This website has been created by Shared Parenting Scotland and its aim is to share what world-wide experts say about shared parenting, record how legislation is developing in different countries, present stories from families and provide practical advice.