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Here are short answers to many of the questions we are asked, with links to more detailed information. The FAQs are arranged under three main topics: Shared Care, Dispute Resolution and Court & Law. There are links to further information in many of the FAQs.

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Frequently asked questions

Can one parent stop a child being vaccinated?

I have contact time with my kids coming up but my ex has told me they won’t come because of Coronavirus. What should I do.

Where do I start?

Can a 12 year old decide what happens about contact?

How do I represent myself?

My name isn’t on the birth certificate of my child, how can I deal with this?


This Blog section contains personal views written by the people who use our services. Not everybody writing these blogs is able to add their name or other personal details due to ongoing disputes or court action. But they all represent strongly held views based on personal experience. The aim of each blog isn't just to let off steam - they are calls for action and suggestions for change. We are also interested in receiving contributions from people about their own experiences of ahared parenting, eiither as a parent or a child.

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Group meetings, training courses and events

Find out about our support meetings across Scotland and our training courses and other activities.

From 25th March we will be holding online meetings each week - see the listings below for details. See the FAQ section for advice if contact with your child is interrupted because of the virus. Our support by phone, WhatsApp and email will continue.

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