Useful organisations

Online training course helps you deal with debt

As Martin Lewis says in the above BBC video “I have never seen a debt case which isn’t solvable”. A new online course from Shared Parenting Scotland helps parents to follow his advice and seek help. Many of the parents who contact us are faced by money…

Moms for shared parenting

This quirky animation puts the case for shared parenting to separated mothers, pointing out the advantages of splitting parenting time 50:50.  It’s presented alongside other arguments on the website of Moms for Shared Parenting This is an activist orga…

Kids in the middle

This website helps children, parents and families thrive during and after divorce through counseling, education and support.

Family Lives

This website provides lots of advice and information for those who are thinking about separating or are already doing so, including forums.

Simply Parent

This website is dedicated to working against parental alienation. Their blog provides a range of articles from parents and the Simply Parent team.

Parenting Apart

The highly acclaimed author Christina McGhee provides free articles and blog posts with practical tips on her website.

Splitting up? Put kids first

This website provides a safe space online where separated parents can work out how they will support and care for their child.

Parent Connection

The website supports parents through separation and co-parenting difficulties. It can also be used by parents who are just worried about their relationship.

Children Beyond Dispute

This Australian website has loads of resources about child inclusive mediation and information about looking after young children after divorce or separation.

Sorting out separation

This website gives a break down of all the things to consider when arranging parenting after separation. Including information on parenting plans, child maintenance and advice for grandparents.

Relationships Scotland

Scotland’s largest provider of relationship counselling, family mediation and child contact centre services. They also provide Parenting Apart courses.

Increased equality helps both mothers and fathers

A study by sociologists at the University of Zurich shows that increased equality has a positive effect on mothers and fathers. Thanks to greater freedom to strike an individual balance between caring for children and working in paid employment, mother…