Downloadable guides and publications from Shared Parenting Scotland


Publications from Shared Parenting Scotland can all be viewed and downloaded by clicking the buttons below – please also make a donation when you download to support us in maintaining and developing our publications.

Sharing My Parents: Investigating the experiences of young people from different parenting backgrounds. There is an accompanying image of a group of 6 young people of varying ethnicities talking and laughing
Child Welfare Reports: A Guide for Parents in Scottish Family Court Hearings. There is an accompanying image of a man writing on documents with a pen.
Equal Parents: Clearing the obstacles to involvement of non-resident parents in their children's education. There is an accompanying cartoon of a female teacher at a desk with two empty chairs facing her, and a sign above her that says 'ABSENT PARENTS EVENING'
Helping Children Learn: Involving non-resident parents in their children's education - a practical guide for all those working within a learning environment
Representing Yourself in a Scottish Family Court: A guide for party litigants in child contact and residence cases
Learning from Abroad: International developments in resolving family disputes outside court which could benefit the Scottish family law system


Here is a selection of publications from other sources that we consider useful.  If you are ordering them online, please use Amazon Smile which will make a donation to Shared Parenting Scotland from the purchase.