SPS Blogs

Many parents, grandparents and other family members over the years have shared with us their experience – sometimes positive, often troubling – of their ride on the family law roller-coaster. SPS Blogs gives individuals the opportunity to share what they felt and what they have learned. All stories are anonymised. Click the buttons below to view each blog.

“We shared the same pain round the table of parents fighting against the odds, needing to prove our worth over and over, month after month, watching our kids grow up without us.” ‘Non-resident’ mother, Sylvie*, recalls her journey from rehab to shared parenting. Click below to read the full blog.

Sheriffs make decisions every day in contact/residence cases that will influence children’s relationships for the rest of their life. Their decisions are made ‘in the best interests of the child’. But how does a sheriff know if they got it right? A chance encounter in a supermarket gave Raymond* a chance to provide and receive feedback. Click below to read the full blog.

Tony has been involved in the court system since his child was only a few weeks old. He made the decision to represent himself as a Party Litigant because of the cost – his income was too high for legal aid but too low to afford a solicitor. Click below to read the full blog.