Campaigns & Policy

This section covers the policy issues that Shared Parenting Scotland is actively working on.

I believe that the law should start with an expectation that both parents are equal (unless evidence to contrary) and then adjust depending on realities. At the moment, one parent (usually the dad) loses out completely overnight, without just cause, and has a multi-year fight at significant cost. The current system doesn’t work. Change must happen.

The above quote concerns a fundamental issue which frustrates many attempts to achieve shared parenting.  As well as changing the law, we want to influence and persuade a wide range of statutory and voluntary services to treat both separated parents equally.  

We are always keen to hear from parents about the problems they have encountered and also the successes they have achieved in working towards shared parenting.  Phone or email us if you want to help in our campaigns.

The following sections cover the campaigning issues that we are pursuing at present.  

  • Family Law Reform
  • Schools Involving Both Parents
  • Health Information
  • Data on Shared Parenting