Shared Parenting Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, overseen by a board of trustees and accountable to its membership.

Until 2019 the membership comprised of Scottish based members of Families Need Fathers UK and those whose children lived in Scotland.  At the 2018 AGM it was agreed to change the constitution of the organisation to establish a separate membership and also to increase the number of trustees from six to eight, to reflect the growing size of the organisation.

Our Trustees

The trustees of Shared Parenting Scotland elected at the November 2019 AGM are:

Margaret Ashman – Trustee since the start of the charity. Margaret is a social worker and is manager of Helensburgh Contact Centre. She lives in Helensburgh.
Sumit Ghosh has been a trustee since 2015. He runs his own business and lives in Edinburgh.
Mark Downie has been a trustee since 2016. He is a police officer and lives in Edinburgh.
Natalie Kazimierczak is a Business Development Manager within the pharmaceutical industry. She lives in Glasgow.
Gavin Watson has been involved with FNFS group work in Glasgow and Dundee over the past few years and is also active with Parent Network Scotland. Gavin is an IT professional and lives in Glasgow.
Guy Holloway has been a member of FNFS for a long time and regularly attends the Edinburgh group meeting. He is a doctor and lives in Edinburgh