Love, Loss & Living: Managing the Emotions of Being Separated From Your Child

Love, Loss and Living is an interactive, 6-week online course with additional in-person training sessions to help you understand and manage the grief of being separated from your child(ren).

Our next online course begins on the 7th August: sign-up by clicking below.

The course is split into three sections

A white heart outline on a blue background with the word 'Love'

Exploring the love you have for your child, the neuroscience of love, and the loving-kindness meditation.

a white, broken heart on a pink background with the word 'Loss'

Exploring loss, the impact of your emotions, others’ emotions, the culture of loss, and psychological models of loss.

A white graphic of a person's brain, which is represented as a cog, on a green background with the word 'Living'

Exploring healthy coping strategies, the power of self-care, and setting goals for the next 12 months to help you think positively.

Course Contents

Unit One – LOVE
  • The Loving Kindness Exercise
  • Examples of the type of love you have for your child
  • Thinking about how the love for your child manifests
Unit Two – LOSS
  • The impact of loss on your emotions
    • Physical impact
    • Emotional impact
    • Cognitive impact
    • Behavioural impact
  • Exploring what emotions you see in yourself
Unit Three – LOSS: Parental Alienation
  • The Loving Kindness Exercise
  • Examples of the type of love you have for your child
  • Thinking about how the love for your child manifests
UNIT FOUR – LOSS: Supporting Yourself
  • Regulating yourself through the loss/alienation
  • Gilbert’s Emotional Regulation System
  • What is stress?
  • Stress/Destress and stress prevention videos
  • Breathing exercise
  • Assertiveness & Resilience

Unit FIVE – LIVING: Part One

    • Helpful Coping Strategies
    • Exploring S.E.L.F C.A.R.E
    • Sleep; Energy; Learning; Food; Connection; Activity; Reflection on reality; Environment

    Unit SIX – LIVING: Part Two

    • Looking to the future

    What Parents Say

    “It has helped me focus on the importance of my own wellbeing. For me, fear and anxieties still surface going through events and difficulties that occur due to loss of contact, but I see my situation in a more fluid manner now.”

    Quote From Father on Pilot Session

    “I found the space that was created and held within the meetings allowed me to relax and there is a positive process now underway for me.”

    Quote from Mother on Pilot Session

    “I appreciate that now is a time to nurture a deeper acceptance of my situation”

    Quote from Father on Pilot Session

    Upcoming Training Dates

    An image of Aberdeen with the word 'Aberdeen'
    • Scheduled to begin week commencing 2nd September
    An image of Dundee with the word 'Dundee'
    • Dates for training later in the year to be confirmed – please register your interest
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    • This course is currently running – additional Autumn dates will be available soon
    • 7th August – Launch
      21st August – Group Session 1
      4th September – Group Session 2
      18th September – Group Session 3

    To register your interest in Love, Loss and Living, please fill out the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch with you:

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    About the course

    An image of Jan Montgomery

    The training was developed by Jan Montgomery, an Edinburgh-based accredited Psychotherapist, in Autumn 2022.

    We ran a 6-session in-person course in October and November with about 10 participants, and the feedback of these sessions has informed the development of this online training programme.

    You can find out more about Jan here.