NWFF™ Modules

The twelve modules that make up New Ways For Families™ are listed below

UNIT ONE – Coping With Stress By Managing Your Emotions (Coaching Session One)

UNIT TWO – Solving Co-Parenting Problems Through Flexible Thinking

UNIT THREE – Avoiding Over-Reacting By Using Moderate Behaviours

UNIT FOUR – Checking Yourself (Coaching Session Two)

UNIT FIVE – Extreme Behaviours And The Effect On The Child’s Brain

UNIT SIX – Raising Healthy Children By Making Joint Decisions

UNIT SEVEN – Child Development Goals And Milestones

UNIT EIGHT – Parenting Skills Standards And Plans

UNIT NINE – New Partners, New Families

UNIT TEN – How To Avoid Becoming A “High Conflict” Case (Coaching Session Three)

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