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Court and law


Attending a Child Welfare Hearing

Do your partner’s earnings get taken into account in a legal aid application

How does family law work in England and Wales?

Can one parent stop a child being vaccinated?

My case is due in court soon: will it be heard?

How can children give their views on contact issues?

Should I represent myself in court?

Can I stop my ex-partner from receiving legal aid?

Am I eligible for legal aid?

Why is my lawyer not answering my enquiries?

How do I find a family lawyer?

What can be done to counter false allegations in court cases?

Can denial of contact be considered as coercive control?

Does a breach of the peace conviction always prevent child contact?

Why is a “no comment” response often the best thing to do?

What should I do to prepare for a proof hearing?

Does a divorce have to include consideration of contact arrangements?

What can I do if court ordered contact doesn’t take place?

How can you request infomation about someone who is now involved with your child’s life?

Can I appeal against a court decision?

Can a 12 year old decide what happens about contact?

What do I call the sheriff in court?

How can I complain about my lawyer?

What can I do to get more time to see my children at Christmas?

What should I wear at the court hearing?

Is a writ the first letter?

My lawyer has suggested that it will improve my chances of getting more contact if I do parenting classes – who runs them?


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