Key topics

Shared care


How does the Child Maintenance Service decide on equal shared care?

Do you need to tell your ex about a new relationship?

What happens when parents disagree about child vaccination?

What happens to contact arrangements if a “local lockdown” is imposed?

Can one parent stop a child being vaccinated?

I have contact time with my kids coming up but my ex has told me they won’t come because of Coronavirus. What should I do.

How much parental leave can a father take?

What proportion of parents suffer from post-natal depression?

Do I have the right to obtain health information about my child?

Can I attend health appointments for my child?

What rights do grandparents have to see their grandchildren?

Who can get information from a school about their child’s progress?

What standards are applied if a child is schooled at home?

How to resolve a dispute over choice of school?

How can contact time be arranged?

How can conflict be avoided at contact handovers?

How can children give their views on contact issues?

Can a 12 year old decide what happens about contact?

What can I do to get more time to see my children at Christmas?

My lawyer has suggested that it will improve my chances of getting more contact if I do parenting classes – who runs them?


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