Shared Parenting Conference or Coronation – which do you want to watch?

Rather than paying royal homage this weekend, you could sign up to attend the online version of the 6th International Conference on Shared Parenting this weekend.

Taking place in Athens and online from 5th– 7th May,  the Conference brings together speakers from all over the world on the theme: “New paradigms : Advances in research and practice on shared parenting“.

It aims to highlight recent advances and approaches in scientific research and contemporary practice, in order to provide a forum for the exchange of information on the rights of children and their welfare.

The Conference will also cover other related family issues such as parental leave, child support, family violence, and parental alienation that affect children’s best interests. 

Our Scottish pilot of the New Ways For Families® training will be described in a paper “Can early training move separated parents towards shared parenting arrangements” presented by Ian Maxwell of Shared Parenting Scotland.