New Ways for Families® Training Programme for Separated Parents

Shared Parenting Scotland are currently coming to the end of piloting the New Ways for Families® training project and we still have a number of limited places left to fill. The course is free for those on low income or £50 for those that can afford it: when the course goes live after the pilot next year we’ll be charging £295.

New Ways for Families® is an approach that has been developed by the High Conflict Institute, created by Bill Eddy, who was previously a family lawyer, mediator and family therapist in the US.  It focuses on four key behavioural skills that actively help separating parents control at least their own part in high conflict: identifying difficult emotions; managing them; developing flexible thinking; and strategic parenting. It also concentrates on the impact that high conflict environments have on our children’s development and future opportunities.

Shared Parenting Scotland have recruited a number of coaches including experienced solicitors, family therapists and other professionals whose one to one interaction with each learner at three separate points in their training gives New Ways For Families® its distinctiveness.

For the learners, the flexible training comprises of 12 online modules which will take about 12-15 hours to complete at their own pace. The course features information, videos and role play, as well as a personal journal where learners can document their journey. It provides a skills-based, “no blame, no shame” online educational program for parents in divorce or separation who could benefit from learning new communication, emotion management, and problem-solving skills.

New Ways for Families® isn’t mediation. Even if both parents sign up they will be allocated a different coach. It’s not legal advice. The training promotes greater levels of respect, empathy and attention from its learners. The primary goal is to teach parents the skills necessary to effectively resolve co-parenting disagreements while remaining calm and protecting their children from the conflict. The course may be voluntary, recommended, or mandated by courts or other professionals.

The feedback from the pilot has been excellent:

100% of participants found combination of online training and coaching sessions very good/excellent

100% of participants would recommend the course to other parents 

What have participants had to say about the course?

Really useful information, I expect I’ll use what I’ve learned regularly as I progress through my parenting journey. Have learned some really helpful techniques and tips that will help me with what I’m going through.

“I wish I had ongoing access to this type of one-to-one support on managing my difficult family situation.” 

“The coaching helps embed the themes & course material, encourages you to use the skills in real-life setting.” 

“I have been involved in a New Ways for Families pilot scheme. This has been extremely helpful in helping me find different ways of parenting separately and avoiding conflict with my ex-partner” 

You can see a summary of the course below, or download our full guide here, and register your interest at the bottom of this page.

Here is a greeting from the developer of the New Ways for Families® online training and coaching programme, Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute.


Coaches and learners who are taking part in the NWFFO programme can get access to background information here.

For further information about how we are starting to offer the training in Scotland contact Claire Ross or fill in the contact form below stating that you want information on the training.

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