Shared Parenting World Series – Toronto, Canada


Elizabeth Hyde from Riverdale Mediation in Toronto and Judith Higson from Scullion Law in Scotland.

The recording of the webinar is posted below.

Copies of the Elizabeth’s ad Judith’s presentations can be downloaded here:  Elizabeth Hyde Parenting Coordination in Ontario  + Judith Higson How might parenting coordination be used in Scotland

A text transcript of this session will be available here soon.


Our guest for this webinar is Elizabeth Hyde who works in Toronto, Canada as a mediator and parenting coordinator.  Parenting Coordination is a child focused dispute resolution process for high conflict parents with a history of ongoing child disputes who are likely to need help implementing the terms of their parenting plans. It combines dispute assessment, conflict reduction, skills coaching, case management, mediation, parent education and arbitration.  Elizabeth will describe how parenting co-ordination works in Canada.

Judith Higson, executive director and head of family law at Scullion Law will respond about “how might parenting co-ordination be used in Scotland?”.  Judith is an accredited family and child law specialist, accredited mediator and trained collaborative lawyer.

Shared Parenting Scotland is grateful to Harper Macleod LLP for support towards this series of webinars.