The Dad Song – be part of the official video

The Dad Song, recorded by Australian band The Brothers Calling, is being released worldwide on Sunday 28th June.  It captures the experience and emotions of being a father missing his child after separation. They are asking dads to submit a video to become part of the official launch. We got in touch with Ash Perrow to find out more about what inspired the song. Here’s his message back to us and the Shared Parenting Scotland community. Instructions are at the end. 
“Thanks so much for your message. Ryan and I are both really glad the song is resonating for people. The feedback from around the world, such as yours, is really touching and it feels like the song is working its magic for a lot of men.
Ryan and I have both been through break ups in the past and experienced the pain and grief of not being with our children the way we were able to pre-break up.
Personally, I remember sobbing on the kitchen floor in my home. My wife had just left a few weeks earlier and I was wrought with grief. All the love I had poured into making a home for my daughter was replaced by overwhelming grief. The grief caught me by surprise and I must admit that thoughts of suicide were something I battled with for quite a few months. I came to the realisation that I could never abandon my daughter like that and with that realisation a determination to be a great Dad grew and grew.
Moving on, I’ve found that single parenting was one of the best experiences in my life but the transition from a full time family to a part time Dad was painful at times but juxtaposed with joy as well. My daughter and I have a beautiful, honest and loving relationship with both of us feeling deeply connected to each other.
‘The Dad Song’ was actually written about one of Ryan’s brothers as he was going through a break up and had been pursuing legal custody through the family court.
The official launch is this Sunday 28 June  and the song will be available on all music streaming service. The clip will be premiered on YouTube and Facebook on June 28 as well.”
The Brother’s Calling invites fathers to be part of the official launch clip.
What to do: Record yourself holding up a card or piece of paper with a message to your kids. Leave out their names – just a message you would like them to see. When you’re holding the sign try to let the emotions of the message fill you and be visible in your face. Film in landscape mode (across ways) and make sure the message can be seen clearly. You can be as creative as you like. If you can film in 4K resolution but if not that’s ok. It’s the emotion and your message that is most important.
To send the video go to and click ‘Send File’. You can then send via email to
It’s a simple platform and you don’t need to sign up or register to use the service. On behalf of both of us, thank you so much for being a part of this project. We will do our best to include all submissions in the official clip.