Ten years of the International Council on Shared Parenting

In the ten years since the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) was formed they have held six international conferences and achieved 99 member organisations from all over the world.

Shared Parenting Scotland was a founder member of ICSP when it was set up in Bonn in 2014. We have taken an active part since then which has enabled us to make many links with shared parenting organisations, researchers and family professionals across the world. In 2024 Ian Maxwell from Shared Parenting Scotland was elected as a civil society member of the Board of Directors of ICSP.

Within the last ten years the ICSP has organised six International Conferences on Shared Parenting, the most recent being in Athens, Greece in 2023. To celebrate their tenth anniversary ICSP have now made the entire video proceedings of the Athens conference available free to the public.

The footage includes all 100+ presentations at the conference, including all plenary, workshop, round table and panel presentations as well as Q&A, viewable on the conference website.

These presentations cover the latest scientific research as well as best practices in law and mental health on shared parenting, parental alienation issues and how to ensure the best interests of children and families undergoing separation and divorce.

They include a presentation by Ian Maxwell entitled Can Early Training Move Separated Parents towards Shared Parenting Arrangements? about our pilot of the New Ways For Families training programme in Scotland.

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