Survival guide to Parental Alienation launched

This video promotes the new survival guide to parental alienation launched by Good Egg Safety CIC.

The guide is announced as follows: “The truth of alienation as evidenced by countless horror stories from victim mothers, fathers, wider family members and, most especially survivor children, will NOT be silenced any longer. This is a call to action for Government and decision makers who have a statutory responsibility and duty to protect ALL victims.”

The Survival Guide is a very comprehensive document. It covers a wide range of topics including  your role as a parent, rights of children and parents, signs of PA, alienating strategies and behaviours and how to handle an alienated child.  Vey useful tips on your own wellbeing and support, how the courts work and support for alienated grandparents are also included in the 108 page guide.

Printed copies can be purchased from Parental Alienation UK.