Shared Parenting Scotland to launch online training platform

Shared Parenting Scotland is launching an innovative series of online, interactive training courses to help separated parents control their own stress and to improve their communication skills.  The site will be live from Thursday 22nd October.

The first two courses on our brand new training platform are Communicating in Challenging Times and Stress Awareness.  They aim to develop skills that will help participants make the best and avoid the worst of relationship breakdown.

Communicating in Challenging Times looks at the verbal and non-verbal ways we communicate and how to remain calm in communications – an important skill for difficult situations like sharing childcare arrangements in the new situation of living separately. This training looks at the COVID-19 pandemic as a challenging time, but it teaches useful skills for different contexts.

Stress Awareness identifies the adverse effects of stress on any one of us and how it affects decision-making and communication and the common tendency to react first and think later. It teaches participants how to destress and relax, as well as identify potentially stressful situations and develop skills of remaining calm.

Courses on the Shared Parenting training platform is interactive, with videos, quizzes and assignments that receive personal feedback. For a limited time during the launch, the training courses will be free users of our services, using the code SPSFree at checkout.

We are very grateful to the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund and the Community Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund for the support that they have given to this project.