Scottish Parliament motion commends shared parenting research

Fulton MacGregor MSP has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament praising the Sharing My Parents research carried out by Jamie Wark while he worked as an intern with Shared Parenting Scotland.

Fulton’s motion commends the innovative research carried out by Jamie on the views of young people in Scotland about the involvement of their parents while they were growing up.

The motion notes that the research found that some of the young people who reached out to get support had a negative experience and that almost all contributors to the research stated that they would have liked to have seen the parent that they didn’t live with more often.  The research underlines the need for parents to co-operate after separation to ensure that they act in the best interests of the child.

The motion has already achieved cross-party support from 19 MSPs from four parties.

Following Jamie’s survey, Shared Parenting Scotland will undertake more work to collect the views of children and young people about shared parenting and will press for more support to be offered to them when parents separate.