Radio programmes explore divorce issues

For the next three weeks on Radio 4, the ‘One to One’ interviewer’s microphone belongs to journalist and broadcaster Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who – for personal reasons – has chosen to explore the impact of divorce on families.

Yasmin divorced over twenty years ago, and – although happily re-married – often contemplates the fall-out of divorce, and the resulting emotional ripples which inevitably reach further than the separating couple. In these programmes she’s hearing the stories of a grandparent, a parent and a young person who have all lived through a family break-up,

In the first programme, she speaks to Jane, a grandparent who hasn’t seen her 11 year old granddaughter for four years. When her son divorced he maintained a relationship with his ex-wife which allowed contact with his daughter – Jane’s granddaughter. But eventually that contact was withdrawn, resulting in what Jane describes as a living bereavement.Jane has now set up a support group for grandparents who find themselves in the same situation ) and runs a blog.

In Scotland, grandparents can contact Grandparents Apart for support and information.