Parenting Together resources on CAFCASS web site

CAFCASS, the court social work service in England and Wales, has put a range of resources for separated parents on their web site.

This includes information on communicating with your ex-partner and with a new partner, and on supporting your children through divorce and separation.  If using them from Scotland you will have to be aware that court processes and support agencies are different in England and Wales, but the general advice on separation issues is useful where-ever you live.

We have noted a few bits of advice from that site here –  see this link for more;

Respect each other’s parenting style. Your co-parent might have different approaches to mealtimes, bedtimes and entertainment but try not to interfere.

Children and young people are okay with different rules in different houses, so unless the child is at risk of harm, you should try to accept the differences.

When you speak about your child’s other parent, use positive or neutral comments. Try to encourage family and friends do the same.

However tempting it is, don’t question your children about the other parent or encourage them to act as spies. If you have questions about what goes on at the other parent’s home, ask your ex directly.

Don’t encourage children to complain about the other parent. If there is a problem, encourage them to talk to you about it and ask if they would like to speak to their other parent about it.

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