Parental Alienation Guide

Billed as a “Definitive Guide for Parents, Professionals, Practitioners and Policymakers”, this new book from Professor Ben Hine is a good start for all these categories of people.

He explains his intentions further on the opening page, saying that “There are already several brilliant books available on this subject. … this book tries to complement them by providing an accessible blend of the academic, personal and practical.”

He talks in his preface about his own journey through the attempts to turn him against his own father, the four-year family court process and a battle which left his father ruined financially, reputationally and emotionally. Dr Hine did end up in his father’s care, but these experiences during his childhood have led to ongoing issues with his own mental health and put his relationships under strain.

His personal experience combined with his professional and research experience as Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of West London justify publishing another book on Parental Alienation.

Professor Hine will be speaking at the Shared Parenting Scotland AGM in Edinburgh on November 2nd, talking about this book as well as his recent research on Supporting Fathers Through Family Breakdown, Separation and Divorce. In the mean time you can order his book here.