Support our New Ways for Families Crowdfunder

New Ways for Families® is an online training and coaching programme for separated parents which is now widely used in the USA, Canada and Australia.  Many judges now send people on this course before hearing a family court case to help them communicate more respectfully and reach agreement about co-parenting,

Shared Parenting Scotland is seeking funding to carry out a trial run of this training in Scotland and we have launched a crowdfunder campaign through the Aviva Community Fund to raise the money to train coaches, put a trial group of 25 parents through a Scottish version of the training and measure the benefits of the course.  Please add your support to this project if you can – it will help us towards the trial run.

The New Ways for Families programme focuses on four fundamental problem-solving skills for parents: flexible thinking, managed emotions, moderate behaviours and checking yourself rather than blaming others.

In a study in Canada, trainees showed reduced stress and fewer returns to court.  A Social Return on Investment analysis  revealed a cost:benefit ration of 1:8.95 when considering outcomes for families and wider society including decreased demand on courts.