New services and training for separated parents

Shared Parenting Scotland and OurFamilyWizard are holding a free webinar about our services and training on Tuesday 22nd June from 3-5pm.

OurFamilyWizard is a website and app which can be used by separated parents to communicate and share information. It now includes features such as a ToneMeter to review the tone of a message before it is sent, a shared calendar, an information bank to share family pictures and key documents relating to the children, recording of expenses and a journal which can be used to record attendance at handovers.

OurFamilyWizard can also be used by parents to share information with their lawyer and other professionals. James Evans will talk about all these features and also about the discounted or free subscriptions available through their family assistance programme.

Shared Parenting Scotland already runs online training, and we are preparing to run a pilot of the New Ways for Families (NWFF) programme in Scotland. This 12-module online training includes three individual coaching sessions to practice skills and consolidate learning. NWFF is already widely used in the USA, Canada and Australia, where courts send parents off to do the course before their case is heard.

Claire Ross will talk about how Shared Parenting Scotland are working to launch this training. We have already trained some Scottish coaches and will be running a pilot later this year to evaluate its effectiveness for use by parents in Scotland.

A study in Canada showed that early intervention through NWFF training can improve quality of life for both parents and children and reduce the use of court as a means of resolving custody disputes.

To book a place at the webinar use this link.