Online training course helps you deal with debt

As Martin Lewis says in the above BBC video “I have never seen a debt case which isn’t solvable”.

A new online course from Shared Parenting Scotland helps parents to follow his advice and seek help.

Many of the parents who contact us are faced by money or debt issues as well as their main reason for an enquiry.  Separation always increases the financial pressure on families, and the job losses and other consequences of the Covid pandemic have made things far worse.

With support from the Scottish Government’s Debt Levy Fund administered by Advice UK, we have developed a set of online training modules to guide people through the support currently on offer.  This covers general debt issues and associated problems such as child maintenance and paying for lawyers..

Govan Law Centre have worked with us to compile this information and their money advice service will help us answer questions from trainees.  This course and our other online training on Stress Awareness and Communicating in Challenging Times can all be used free of charge during the Pandemic period.

Managing debt doesn’t make it disappear, but it does give you time and space to work things out, as well as helping you sleep at nights.