Myths and Lies About Dads: How They Hurt Us All

A new book from Dr Linda Nielsen destroys more than 100 of the most damaging beliefs about fathers. Using the most recent research, this pioneering work exposes these baseless beliefs and the toll they take on children’s relationships with their fathers, parents’ relationships with one another, and the physical and mental health of fathers and mothers.

Tackling a wide range of topics from custody laws, to children’s toys, to the sexist behavior of counselors, pediatricians, and lawyers, Dr Linda Nielsen describes in vivid detail how these myths are linked to many of our most pressing issues:

  • Creating more gender equity in childcare and housework
  • Reducing child abuse, post-partum depression, and fathers’ suicide rates
  • Expanding mothers’ and fathers’ options at home and at work
  • Reducing children’s academic, behavioral, and emotional problems
  • Lessening the pressures of parenting for both parents
  • Changing sexist policies and practices that hurt parents and children
  • Improving the economic situations for parents and their children