Moms for shared parenting

This new web site promoting shared parenting after divorce includes a very well argued post about the gender equality arguments for including shared parenting in family law.

Emma Johnson, the founder of Moms for Shared Parenting, an activist group that aims to make 50/50 equally shared care of children the norm, states that the connection between equally shared parenting responsibilities and gender equality are clear. This post aims to give rise to the the fact that family court is the most powerful institution in this country when it comes to closing the pay gap. Why?

The gender pay gap continues because:

  •     Gender inequality in compensation and power in the workforce
  •     Gender inequality in time and energy spent on child care

Strong shared-parenting laws:

  •     Equalize parenting time with both parents when a couple splits — whether by way of divorce or separation, or, if they were never a couple to start with.
  •     This focuses on the kids — which equally shared parenting has been found to be the best for children in separated and divorced families.
  •     It frees both parents from gender roles stuck in the 1950s: Dads work and earn, and moms care for the children and are financially dependent on men.
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