It’s Not About Us

Darlene Taylor has written a co-parenting survival guide based on her own experience.

She wrote it because she wanted a story that “… centred the parenting commitment and created a new bond between the parents based on respect and compassion” rather than ones in which “… both parents are miserable and the children were left with a magazine rack full of issues that would haunt them into adulthood”.

The book starts with a foreword from her ex-husband Mick, who acknowledges that Darlene fulfilled this commitment to the extent of moving across the USA to California when he was appointed head basketball coach to the UCLA Bruins so that their daughter could stay fully involved with both of her parents.

It concludes with an afterword from her daughter Sammi who says: “I’m lucky to have parents who, even though they’ve separated, still make a conscious effort to work together.”

We talked to Darlene about this experience:

Read the book to find out more about Darlene’s experience and her Hard Won Wisdom tips, such as “Your response to your ex and your divorce will become your child’s blueprint for how to deal with breakups and other disappointments in the future.”