Experiences of an alienated child

Patricia Riley grew up in the middle of a battle between her parents.  Her autobiography “Serpent Child” tells the story of that experience and how her view of her mother and father changed over time.

Although upbringing was in the 1950s in England, her experience is very relevant to today’s separated families, and  Scottish courts can still find it difficult to work out how to take views from children and understand whether these views have been unduly influenced by one of their parents.  Her subsequent career as a social worker has given her added reasons for calling for better processes for hearing the voices of such children and sorting out the allegations and counter allegations raised in court cases into something which actually works for the children

We have invited Pat to read from her book and speak about her experience, followed by a discussion about these issues.  Places in the online session from 7-9pm on 1st October can be booked here: The session is free but you can make a donation to Shared Parenting Scotland as part of your booking.  Serpent Child is published by Stairwell Books.

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