COVID Christmas Survival Tips for separated parents

Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year for divorced or separated parents. It is the time they most want to see their children but it may not be their turn to have them this Christmas Day. For many, mainly non-resident fathers and their extended family, it is never their turn.

COVID-19 has cast an additional shadow over efforts to share parenting time with children this year.  There are genuine uncertainties about the best thing to do within the algebra of household bubbles and travel concerns.

Shared Parenting Scotland is recommending Christmas Survival Tips suggested by attendees at monthly group meetings. They are meant for non-resident fathers and mothers – as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles whose contact has been lost or reduced when the parents separated.

Ian Maxwell, Shared Parenting Scotland National Manager, says, “We have calls and e mails every day at this time of year from non-resident parents in great distress because arrangements to see their kids at some point over Christmas have broken down or abruptly changed or have simply been refused.

COVID-19 is the uninvited guest this year, making agreement on arrangements even more stressful. Children are looking for reassurance that both their parents are looking out for them. If that can’t happen during a pandemic then when? We are appealing to both separated parents to take the opportunity presented by the spirit of Christmas to set aside their personal issues for the benefit of their children. If they do that it could be the platform for greater goodwill in the New Year.”