Coronavirus and contact: advice from CAFCASS

CAFCASS, the agency dealing with child contact in England and Wales has issued Covid19-advice-for-families.

It opens with the statement: “Unless there are justified medical/self-isolation issues – or some future nationally issued guidance or expectation associated with leaving the house in your area – children should also maintain their usual routine of spending time with each of their parents. If there is a Child Arrangements Order [in Scotland this would be a Contact or Residence Order] in place this should be complied with unless to do so would put your child, or others at risk. This will help your child to feel a sense of consistency, whilst also reassuring them that the parent they don’t always live with is safe and healthy.”

Shared Parenting Scotland has asked the Scottish Government to publish something similar covering the situation in Scotland, particularly for families with court-ordered contact.  We are also advising all separated parents to communicate with each other and try to work together during this period, while bearing in mind that everybody is experiencing increased amounts of stress at present.

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