Bedroom Tax – affect on non-resident parents

Angus MacDonald MSP asked a question in the Scottish Parliament on 25th June about plans to assist non-resident parents who are tenants of a local authority and in receipt of housing benefit and are considered to have an extra bedroom as their child does not stay with them permanently.

Minister for Housing and Welfare Margaret Burgess answered: “Scottish social landlords, including local authorities, may exercise discretion to allocate an additional bedroom or bedrooms in this situation, helping to meet the needs of children and their families”

“However, the UK Government’s under-occupancy measure for working age tenants in receipt of housing benefit may result in a loss of housing benefit for those households. The Scottish Government has consistently opposed this measure.”

FNF Scotland has already corresponded with Glasgow Housing Association about this matter – let us know if you are facing problems in connection with having a bedroom for your children on overnight contact.