Veteran Case Study

We received a referral from Veteran’s First Point Lothian in September 2022.

Thomas (not his name) is an army veteran having served in the Royal Corp of Transport from 1979-1985.  He has a daughter who is now 4 years old but has separated from the mother.  He is on his daughter’s birth certificate as Father.

Thomas’ daughter has been removed from his ex-partner by the Social Services and placed in Foster Care and at present his ex-partner gets to see their daughter 3 times a week for 2hrs at a time in a supervised environment organised by Social Work. Currently Thomas only gets to see his daughter once every 4 weeks for a 2 hour period

Our helpline worker obtained a mandate to obtain information from the social work department and attended a “My Meeting” at the Social Work Department with him on 2nd November.  That meeting didn’t agree any immediate increase in either parent’s contact, due to the lack of stability in the child’s life at present.

Our advocacy and attendance at the meeting enabled Thomas to focus on the positives he can offer his daughter rather than just complaining, and we will continue to help him to show that his contact is of benefit to his child.