Amicable splits automated in Australia

This online service created by Australia’s legal aid commission provides online help for separating couples to sort out finance and parenting issues.  It enables the creation of parenting plans and agreements to divide money and property and also provides a pathway to a wide range of other sources of help and support.

AMICA is not intended to resolve high-conflict issues, but it does provide a useful starting point for people who are separating.  It follows in the footsteps of the Dutch legal aid board’s Rechtwijzer  which flourished for a while and then evolved into an online divorce service Justice42.

As well as providing information for parents it has a Help4kids section of advice for children and a guide to various types of rights.  It also provides a secure communication channel between ex-partners, with an interactive calendar and referral to legal, mediation and other services.

While such services may never provide the complete answer to family separation, we hope that Scotland will join the Netherlands and Australia in exploring how online support can be provided to separating parents.