2023 AGM & talk on Fathers and Family Breakdown

Following the Shared Parenting Scotland 2023 AGM from 7.00-7.30 on Thursday November 2nd, Professor Ben Hine will talk about his new study – “Lost Dads: Fathers and Family Breakdown, Separation, and Divorce”.

The most crucial finding is the extremely negative impact on the mental health of fathers when they (most often) become the non-resident parent (NRPs) and are therefore much less likely to have continued and stable contact with their children compared to mothers. Fathers are also less likely to seek help for their stress and poor mental health related to separation, and culturally and in the workplace, far less support is available to men as fathers.

Should domestic abuse be part of the equation in the breakdown, fathers are even more overlooked and may face further helplessness, as services and society often fail to recognise them as likely victims.

Fathers also reported that they were forced to engage in extensive and draining processes even to be able to see their children (including adult children over the age of 18.) This frequently involved alienation, often through family court processes, which further traumatised men and was accompanied by further invisibility and a lack of support.

His study concludes that we need to urgently appreciate the value that fathers have for their children, regardless of whether parents stay together or separate and divorce. Such a change would not only save the lives of thousands of men but greatly enrich the lives of our children

After the talk there will be a discussion of what needs to be done in Scotland to keep fathers fully involved after separation and support the dads who are at danger of getting lost. There is no charge for this online event, but attendees are encouraged to support the charity through our new Friends of Shared Parenting Scotland scheme.

To book places see this link.