Shared Parenting New Year Resolutions

In a powerful video message released on New Year’s Day 2022  Shared Parenting Scotland staff members and trustees call for a fundamental and radical change to attitudes and practice in Scotland to help parents put the interests of their children first after separation or divorce.

The video lists the charity’s commitments for 2022 and ends with the message: Our children are special. Don’t let them down.

National Manager, Ian Maxwell, says, “Research from around the world confirms the benefits to children of shared parenting. In most cases children who have close to equal time with both parents after separation do better in most areas of their life with fewer adverse experiences and better psychological health into adulthood. It also helps parents move away from perpetual conflict.

An increasing number of jurisdictions are recognising this reality in their approach to settling arrangements for shared or co-parenting after divorce or separation.

Unfortunately, Scotland is behind the curve in this area. There are too many incentives in attitudes, systems and procedures in Scotland for parents to battle over time with their children and too few that help them take the long view of what will be best for their kids.

Our message for 2022 is for Scotland to catch up – to help parents problem-solve rather than prolong conflict and above all to free children to have a positive relationship with both their parents and extended families.”