New Ways For Families® – Course Content

The 12 modules are listed below:

Unit One – Coping With Stress By Managing Your Emotions

Unit Two – Solving Co-Parenting Problems Through Flexible Thinking

Unit Three – Avoiding Over-Reacting By Using Moderate Behaviours

Unit Four – Checking Yourself

Unit Five – Extreme Behaviours And The Effect On The Child’s Brain

Unit Six – Raising Healthy Children By Making Joint Decisions

Unit Seven – Child Development Goals And Milestones

Unit Eight – Parenting Skills Standards And Plans

Unit Nine – Using Professionals

Unit Ten – New Partners, New Families

Unit Eleven – Handling Financial Issues

Unit Twelve – How To Avoid Becoming A “High Conflict” Case

Hear from one of our pilot trainees below:

For learners, the flexible training comprises of 12 online modules which will take about 12-15 hours to complete at their own pace. The course features information, videos and role play, as well as a personal journal where learners can document their journey. It provides a skills-based, “no blame, no shame” online educational program for parents in divorce or separation who could benefit from learning new communication, emotion management, and problem-solving skills.

Shared Parenting Scotland have recruited a number of Scottish coaches including experienced solicitors, family therapists and other professionals whose one-to-one interaction with each learner at three separate points in their training gives New Ways For Families® its distinctiveness.

New Ways For Families® isn’t mediation. Even if both parents sign up they will be allocated a different coach. It’s not legal advice. The training promotes greater levels of respect, empathy and attention from its learners. The primary goal is to teach parents the skills necessary to effectively resolve co-parenting disagreements while remaining calm and protecting their children from the conflict. The course may be voluntary, recommended, or mandated by courts or other professionals.

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